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The study of Architecture embraces nearly all other disciplines. It is a challenging yet satisfying academic undertaking. Success will require that you apply yourself with consistent diligence. Our department strives to produce educated graduates who would be motivated to work towards improving the life of all our Caribbean people. As such, we offer courses in architectural design and practice, environmental design, building construction, building services, and other.  We are indeed happy that you have chosen to join us, and we are certain that you will have a varied and stimulating educational experience.



  Architecture is seen as the integration of art, science and technology within the context of concerns about people and the environment – Environmental Architecture.  To this end the programmes emphasize preparation of architectural and constructional skills for a developing society where socio-economic realities and concern for a healthy environment are paramount.  The programmes also aim to develop in the student an understanding of the structure of our building industry and of the historic and contemporary context within which our development generally, and building in particular, are taking place.


  The Department of Architecture offers training in Architecture at the technician diploma level (Dip Tech) and pre-professional level (BSc).  The BSc (Arch) programme, accredited by the Guyana Institute of Architects, has a two-tiered structure – two years for the Diploma in Technology (Architecture) followed by a further two years to the degree.  A degree in Building Construction to be developed in the future.  Educationally, the programmes aim to equip the student with the technical initiative, the motivation and the ability, to respond creatively and practically in design/construction situations immediately on entering industry.




Applicants to this programme must have one of the following:


  1.  Passes in at least five (5) different subjects at not more than two sittings, at the CXC General Proficiency Examination, Grades I and II, (and Grade III from 1998 onwards), or grades A to D at the GCE O’ Level examinations, or any equivalent qualification.  The subjects must include English Language and Mathematics of Pure Mathematics or Additional Mathematics.  A pass in either Art or TD whilst not being necessary, is desirable.



Applicants who do not have either English or Science or Math, but who have five (5) other subjects acceptable for admission, must successfully complete the relevant foundation course (English or Math or Chemistry or Physics) being offered by the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education (IDCE) or the Faculty of Natural Sciences, in order to qualify for entrance to the Faculty of Technology. 


  1.  Guyana Technical Education Examination Technician Certificate Part I and II, or equivalent, in Building/Civil Construction.
  2. G.T.E.E. Diploma in Science (Physics or Chemistry) Credit.


  1.  G.T.E.E. Technician Diploma (Building or Civil)



  1.  Applicants to the Degree programme must have obtained either the Diploma in Technology with a Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) not lower than 2.0, or equivalent qualification.


     (j)           Specific regulations pertaining to the Bachelor of Science – Architecture, may be             

                   obtained from the Head of Department.


After being admitted to this programme, the student must successfully complete a period of Industrial Training. During this period, he/she gets the opportunity to work alongside qualified experienced engineers in the field of study, in one of the leading industries or engineering firms in Guyana.