Programme Goals

The part time Associate Degree in Industrial Engineering is being introduced

  1. To provide formal training for technicians already working in industry
  2. To meet the needs of industry for technicians trained in both electrical and mechanical engineering
  3. To provide specialist training for certain industrial and engineering processes

Specifically, the goal of this programme is to prepare graduates who will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of the fundamental mathematics and sciences that provide the basis for engineering applications;
  2. Demonstrate adequate levels of training as electrical technicians and technologists;
  3. Integrate independent and teamwork skills in a blend of applied competencies;
  4. Recognize the need for continuous learning to keep current in this fast changing field;
  5. Exhibit behavioural norms that are ethical, professionally responsible and respectfully respond to societal diversities.


Programme Description

The Associate of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering is designed to serve students who may already be or are desirous of pursuing a career as a technician or technologist in industry. The programme contains a blend of hands-on and theoretical learning activities with strong focus on problem solving. Emphasis is placed on the application of current technology to meet the needs of industries. Students are exposed to information and engage in activities that will allow them to develop the knowledge required to manipulate basic electrical and mechanical systems and perform adequate maintenance and basic re-designs.

This 2-year programme is structured so that during the first year students are exposed to foundation physics and mathematics courses at the CAPE equivalent level, highlighting the areas of electrical and electronics fundamentals and statics and mechanics. The second year offers a variety of courses relevant to industry including machines, microprocessors, programmable logic controllers, metallurgy and thermodynamics along with relevant laboratory exercises and projects to develop practical skills. Modern industrial systems are predominantly interfaced to computers for control and monitoring. It is therefore important to add introductory programming courses to build basic competencies in programming.

This programme will be offered over two calendar years using a part time model and would be delivered in a trimester arrangement of 15 weeks each.  Classes will be held on Thursdays (17:00-21:00hrs), Fridays (17:00-21:00 hrs) and Saturdays (08:00-17:00 hrs). A maximum of four courses will be taught each trimester which will be run January thru April, May thru August and September thru December.  Examinations will be held at the end of each trimester.


Student Learning Outcomes:

The successful graduate of the Associate of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering should be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to the analysis of basic electrical power systems;
  2. Use computers and application software that pertain to electrical engineering technology;
  3. Use appropriate laboratory and test equipment to identify and solve problems, conduct experiments, gather and analyze data related to electrical and electronic systems;
  4. Work independently and as part of a team;
  5. Communicate effectively via oral, graphic and written media;
  6. Demonstrate an awareness of the social, safety and environmental consequences of engineering decisions;
  7. Apply professionalism and ethics in all responsible decision making processes;
  8. Respond meaningfully to diversity and demonstrate a knowledge of contemporary professional, societal, regional and global issues;
  9. Embrace the importance of, and opportunities for, life-long learning.


Entry Requirements

Persons entering the programme should possess either one of the following:

  1. Passes in at least five (5) subjects at two sittings at the CSEC/GCE ‘O’ level  including English Language, Mathematics, and at least one of the following Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry or Integrated Science)
  2. Guyana Technical Education Certificate, Technician Certificate in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, Parts I and II
  3. Guyana Technical Education Certificate, Technician Diploma in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering
  4. Mature applicants (26 years or older) with at least one year’s relevant technical experience who have passed the University of Guyana Entrance Examination.
  5. City & Guilds Technician Certificate or Diploma in ‘Electrical and Electronic’ or Mechanical Engineering
  6. Any qualification equivalent to the above


Graduation Requirements:

The student is eligible for graduation after he/she successfully completes (at a minimum) the required 68 credits of courses (as outlined for the Associate of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering).  Candidates must obtain a minimum GPA of 2.0 to obtain a pass. Supplemental examinations will be allowed for two failed courses only at the end of the programme.

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