In 1958 British Guiana Consolidates Goldfields Ltd. embarked on an exploration project that was mainly centered on the minerals cassiterite and gold. This operation was done by using Banka drill to drill holes 100feet apart. These grid lines of Banka drill holes dissected the Mowasi River at 1500 feet intervals. This project that is limited by time and resources concentrated on the first two lines of Banka drill holes. In summation they are 19 drill holes that were revisited using an excavator. The depth of excavation was determined by the depth of the gravel layer that British Guiana Consolidates Goldfields Ltd. established in their previous work. Geo-chemical analysis of these samples was done by a Niton Xl2 XRf. Further lab analysis was suggested but due to constraints that were mentioned above this never materialized. A location of the old river channel was inferred but without a more detailed study this theory remains improbable. Recommendations for more resources of time, finance and labor should be injected into the project for it to be a success. Conclusions on the other hand, even though premature, highlight the fact that there is some level of correlation in data between the Banka drill results and the Niton XL2 results.

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