The objective of this project is to follow up on a Gold Stream sediment anomaly that Golden Star Resources had identified in their initial Five Star project within the Noseno PL in the Northwest district.

They had identified an anomalous stream sediment sample of 2.4 ppm Au and upstream of it two other samples with values of 0.5 ppm Au and 0.3 ppm Au and followed it up with an Auger soil sampling campaign which seems to be based mainly on aeromagnetic and structural interpretation. The line spacing varied between 200m and 800m and the soil sampling done at 50m intervals at 1m depth.

At the end of the soil sampling campaign, the anomalous value could not be explained and the Noseno project discontinued. At time of exploration, Golden Star was looking for large scale size anomalies, Diamond pipes and did their sampling on 800m line spacing.


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