The WWF-Guianas, in an attempt to support the governments of the region in promoting sustainable development, has intervened in the SMS gold mining sector with the objective of alleviating some of its negative environmental and human impacts. Over the past decade, the organization has provided technical and financial resources and has worked with a range of sector stakeholders, such as the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), mining communities and small and medium-scale gold miners.

The WWF-Guianas has commissioned this study to evaluate the impact of one of the major components of its involvement, viz., its environmental education and awareness (EE&A) programs for small and medium-scale gold miners and other stakeholders.

The evaluation study is to be used by the WWF-Guianas to judge the worth of completed EE&A programs so as to either make a decision about their continuation (a “go/no-go” decision), or provide guidance for the redesign of programs to make them more effective.

In terms of overall research strategy, this study adopted both a measurement approach (comparing performance against stated or implied criteria and indictors) and an explanatory approach (with its emphasis on cause-and-effect relationships). Specific steps included data collection, generation and review; construction and description of program theories (models) and indicator systems; and evaluations based on the results of the previous steps.

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